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Baby Feeding Dummies Pacifier Soother Nipple Nibbler Feeder Feeding Non-Toxic Tool Safe Baby Supplies Pacifier Nipple Teat
About the Product Also a great soother for when your baby is teething.
  • Easy to use: Cut the fruit or vegetable with scissors.
  • Screw out the handle to put food into the strainer before replacing the handle. The baby will hold the handle to suck the silicone strainer net to enjoy the food. The residue shall be removed after sucking.
  • Allow your baby to feed by themselves and enjoy a full variety of nourishment in addition to breast milk. your baby be adaptive to various tastes at early age.
  • Suitable for age >4 months Recommended age: 6+ months
  • Also a great soother for when your baby is teething.
  • Baby will enjoy by themselves and is suitable for most kinds of food and can be
  • The baby will chew to increase blood circulation, can enhance the vitality of brain cells, promote the baby's brain development;
  • The easy to grasp handle allows baby to feed herself/himself
  • carried on the trip.